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1. Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems: A Framework for Efficient Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation Robert Siegfried (auth.) pdf Vieweg+Teubner Verlag 1525868 English 2014 [Download]
2. Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK Arthur A. Giordano, Allen H. Levesque pdf Wiley 11130374 English 2015 [Download]
3. Few Body Systems and Electromagnetic Interactions: Proceedings of the Workshop Held in Frascati (Italy), March 7–10, 1978 A M Green (auth.), C. Ciofi degli Atti, E. De Sanctis (eds.) pdf Springer Berlin Heidelberg 14247789 English 1978 Lecture Notes in Physics 86 [Download]
4. Canal Automation for Irrigation Systems (ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice (MOP)131) Task Committee on Recent Advances in Canal Automation of the Irrigation Delivery and Drainage Systems Committee of the Irrigation and Drainage Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE, Brian Wahlin, Darell D. Zimbelman pdf American Society of Civil Engineers 5171137 English 2014 Asce Manual and Reports on Engineering Practice [Download]
5. Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation Daniel Shaw pdf Routledge 2961128 English 2013 Relational Perspectives Book Series [Download]
6. The Accusation Model Before the International Criminal Court: Study of Convergence of Criminal Justice Systems Hanna Kuczyńska (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4297824 English 2015 [Download]
7. Traveling Wave Solutions of Parabolic Systems Vitaly A. Volpert, and Vladimir A. Volpert Aizik I. Volpert djvu American Mathematical Society 2980750 English 1994 Translations of Mathematical Monographs [Download]
8. The General Topology of Dynamical Systems Ethan Akin pdf American Mathematical Society 15907565 English 2010 Graduate Studies in Mathematics 1 [Download]
9. Extraction of Quantifiable Information from Complex Systems Stephan Dahlke, Wolfgang Dahmen, Michael Griebel, Wolfgang Hackbusch, Klaus Ritter, Reinhold Schneider, Christoph Schwab, Harry Yserentant (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 8724211 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 102 [Download]
10. Filtering and Control for Classes of Two-Dimensional Systems Ligang Wu, Zidong Wang (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 13440861 English 2015 Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 18 [Download]
11. Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Intensification of the Humid Highland Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa Bernard Vanlauwe, Piet van Asten, Guy Blomme (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 6376805 English 2014 [Download]
12. Transition Temperatures and Related Properties of Two-Ring Systems with Bridging Group J. Thiem (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 27221564 English 1992 Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry 7b : Physical Chemistry [Download]
13. Software Reuse for Dynamic Systems in the Cloud and Beyond: 14th International Conference on Software Reuse, ICSR 2015, Miami, FL, USA, January 4-6, 2015. Proceedings Ina Schaefer, Ioannis Stamelos (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 15870972 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8919 Programming and Software Engineering [Download]
14. Operator Structures and Dynamical Systems: July 21-25, 2008 Lorentz Center, Leiden, the Netherlands Satellite Conference of Teh Fifth European Congress of Mathematics Marcel De Jeu, Sergei Silvestrov, Christian Skau, Jun Tomiyama (ed.) pdf Amer Mathematical Society 2483960 English 2009 Contemporary Mathematics 503 [Download]
15. Rapid Prototyping Software for Avionics Systems: Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification Nicolas Larrieu, Antoine Varet pdf Wiley-ISTE 4813158 English 2014 Iste [Download]
16. Analytical Mechanics : A Comprehensive Treatise on the Dynamics of Constrained Systems (Reprint Edition) John G Papastavridis pdf World Scientific Publishing Company 10584474 English 2014 [Download]
17. Real-Time Stability in Power Systems: Techniques for Early Detection of the Risk of Blackout Savu C. Savulescu (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 16600607 English 2014 Power Electronics and Power Systems [Download]
18. Electronic Health Record: A Systems Analysis of the Medications Domain Alexander Scarlat MD pdf Productivity Press,CRC Press 26313018 English 2012 [Download]
19. Finnish Innovations and Technologies in Schools: A Guide towards New Ecosystems of Learning Hannele Niemi, Jari Multisilta, Lasse Lipponen, Marianna Vivitsou (eds.) pdf SensePublishers 6997710 English 2014 [Download]
20. Paramilitarism and Neoliberalism: Violent Systems of Capital Accumulation in Colombia and Beyond Jasmin Hristov pdf Pluto Press 5193969 English 2014 [Download]
21. Theory and Applications of Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems: ICDEA, Muscat, Oman, May 26 - 30, 2013 Ziyad AlSharawi, Jim M. Cushing, Saber Elaydi (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 11569005 English 2014 Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 102 [Download]
22. Fundamentals of Automotive and Engine Technology: Standard Drives, Hybrid Drives, Brakes, Safety Systems Konrad Reif (eds.) pdf Vieweg+Teubner Verlag 9367704 English 2014 Bosch Professional Automotive Information [Download]
23. Issues in the Integration of Research and Operational Satellite Systems for Climate Research: Part II. Implementation National Research Council pdf National Academies Press 2483684 English 2000 Compass Series [Download]
24. Thermodynamics of Small Systems Hill, T.L. pdf Dover Publications 10277520 2002 Dover Phoenix editions [Download]
25. Facility Piping Systems Handbook: For Industrial, Commercial, and Healthcare Facilities Michael Frankel djvu McGraw-Hill Professional 9079245 English 2009 [Download]
26. Adaptive Intelligent Systems. Proceedings of the Bankai Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, 12–14 October 1992 Swift pdf Elsevier B.V 20000371 English 1993 [Download]
27. Simulation of control systems : selected papers from the IFAC symposium, Vienna, Austria, 22-26 September 1986 I Troch; Peter Kopacek; F Breitenecker; International Federation of Automatic Control. Technical Committee on Theory pdf Pergamon Press, , Elsevier Ltd 18920571 English 1987 IFAC proceedings series, 1987, no. 13 [Download]
28. The Impact of Nitrogen Deposition on Natural and Semi-Natural Ecosystems Simon J. Langan (eds.) pdf Springer Netherlands 30347942 English 1999 Environmental Pollution 3 [Download]
29. The piping guide : for the design and drafting of industrial piping systems David R. Sherwood, Dennis J. Whistance. pdf Syentek 22801172 English 1991 [Download]
30. Robustness of Steel Gravity Frame Systems with Single-Plate Shear Connections Joseph A. Main, Fahim Sadek pdf National Institute of Standards and Technology 13056103 2013 NIST Technical Note 1749 [Download]
31. Binary Liquid Systems of Nonelectrolytes J.-P.E. Grolier, C.J. Wormald, J.-C. Fontaine (auth.), H.V. Kehiaian (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 332845737 English 2004 Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry 10A : Physical Chemistry [Download]
32. Handbook of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems, Volume 2 : Feed Systems Lotfollah Shafai, Satish K. Sharma, Sudhakar Rao (eds.) pdf Artech House 46772765 English 2013 [Download]
33. Capitalizing on lean production systems to win new business : creating a lean and profitable new product portfolio Harris, Chris; Harris, Rick pdf CRC Press 4120331 English 2014 [Download]
34. The Book of Tarot. Illustrated with the Morgan-Greer Tarot Susan Gerulskis-Estes pdf U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 13133874 English 1981 [Download]
35. Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 19th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2014, Montpellier, France, June 18-20, 2014. Proceedings Elisabeth Métais, Mathieu Roche, Maguelonne Teisseire (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7602703 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8455 Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI [Download]
36. Architecture of Computing Systems – ARCS 2015: 28th International Conference, Porto, Portugal, March 24-27, 2015, Proceedings Luís Miguel Pinho Pinho, Wolfgang Karl, Albert Cohen, Uwe Brinkschulte (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 14038102 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9017 [Download]
37. Back-of-the-Envelope Quantum Mechanics: With Extensions to Many-Body Systems and Integrable PDEs Maxim Olshanii pdf World Scientific Publishing Company 12238070 English 2013 [Download]
38. Complex Systems Design & Management Asia: Designing Smart Cities: Proceedings of the First Asia - Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management, CSD&M Asia 2014 Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Daniel Krob, Pao Chuen Lui, Yang How Tan, Kristin Wood (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 16111181 English 2015 [Download]
39. Phase Portraits of Planar Quadratic Systems John Reyn djvu Springer 2274665 English 2010 Mathematics and Its Applications [Download]
40. The Mathematics of Networks of Linear Systems Paul A. Fuhrmann, Uwe Helmke (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7242414 English 2015 Universitext [Download]
41. Transition Temperatures and Related Properties of Three-Ring Systems without Bridging Groups V. Vill (auth.), J. Thiem (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 8127313 English 1993 Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry 7c : Physical Chemistry [Download]
42. Binary systems. Part 2: Elements and Binary Systems from B – C to Cr – Zr: Phase Diagrams, Phase Transition Data, Integral and Partial Quantities of Alloys P. Franke, D. Neuschütz (auth.), P. Franke, D. Neuschütz (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 8599112 English 2004 Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry 19B2 : Physical Chemistry [Download]
43. Dynamics of Quasi-Stable Dissipative Systems Igor Chueshov pdf Springer International Publishing 4395506 English 2015 Universitext [Download]
44. Autonomous Robotic Systems Raja Chatila, Simon Lacroix, Michel Devey, Thierry Siméon (auth.), Professor Anibal T. de Almeida, Professor Oussama Khatib (eds.) djvu Springer-Verlag London 5708864 English 1998 Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 236 [Download]
45. Fundamentals of Linear Systems for Physical Scientists and Engineers N.N. Puri pdf CRC Press 10504607 English 2009 [Download]
46. Current Approaches in Applied Artificial Intelligence: 28th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, IEA/AIE 2015, Seoul, South Korea, June 10-12, 2015, Proceedings Moonis Ali, Young Sig Kwon, Chang-Hwan Lee, Juntae Kim, Yongdai Kim (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 37500779 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9101 [Download]
47. Multivariable technological systems : proceedings of the fourth IFAC international symposium, Fredericton, Canada, 4-8 July 1977 Derek P Atherton; International Federation of Automatic Control pdf Pergamon Press, , Elsevier Ltd 27689223 English 1978 IFAC Workshop Series [Download]
48. Quantum Foundations and Open Quantum Systems: Lecture Notes of the Advanced School Theo M Nieuwenhuizen, Claudia Pombo, Claudio Furtado, Andrei Khrennikov, Inácio A Pedrosa, Václav pi ka, Theo M Nieuwenhuizen, Claudia Pombo, Claudio Furtado, Andrei Khrennikov, Inácio A Pedrosa, Václav pi ka pdf World Scientific Publishing Company 11628961 English 2014 [Download]
49. Wide Area Monitoring of Interconnected Power Systems Arturo Roman Messina pdf The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2203399 English 2015 [Download]
50. Geometry of Constrained Dynamical Systems John M Charap djvu Cambridge University Press 3049381 English 1995 Publications of the Newton Institute, no. 3 [Download]
51. Logics and models of concurrent systems E. M. Clarke, M. C. Browne, E. A. Emerson, A. P. Sistla (auth.), Krzysztof R. Apt (eds.) djvu Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 5430236 English 1985 NATO ASI Series 13 Series F, Computer and systems sciences [Download]
52. The Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems Jiasong Mu, Qilian Liang, Wei Wang, Baoju Zhang, Yiming Pi (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 33662265 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 322 [Download]
53. Design and implementation of 3D graphics systems Costa Sousa, Mario; Gomes, Jonas; Velho, Luiz pdf CRC Press 6174473 English 2013 [Download]
54. Finite transition systems : Semantics of communicating systems Arnold A. djvu Prentice Hall 1299089 1994 Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science [Download]
55. Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems, Second Edition Fries, Richard C.; King, Paul H pdf CRC Press 15750965 English 2008 [Download]
56. Separatrix Surfaces and Invariant Manifolds of a Class of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and Their Perturbations Jaume Llibre, Ana Nunes pdf Amer Mathematical Society 16168603 English 1994 Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society [Download]
57. Design and Control of Automotive Propulsion Systems Zongxuan Sun, Guoming G. Zhu pdf CRC Press 10350141 English 2015 Mechanical and aerospace engineering [Download]
58. Initial Airworthiness: Determining the Acceptability of New Airborne Systems Guy Gratton (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 14585780 English 2015 [Download]
59. Pond Littoral Ecosystems: Structure and Functioning; Methods and Results of Quantitative Ecosystem Research in the Czechoslovakian IBP Wetland Project Dr. Dagmar Dykyjová, Dr. Jan Kvĕt (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 49789909 English 1978 Ecological Studies 28 [Download]
60. Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems Jeffrey M. Lemm, G. Meurant djvu North Holland 9227826 English 1999 [Download]
61. Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: A Consensus Region Approach Zhongkui Li, Zhisheng Duan pdf CRC Press 4169401 English 2014 Automation and Control Engineering [Download]
62. Control Problems of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems Yasumichi Hasegawa (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 3795534 English 2015 Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 19 [Download]
63. Crustacean nervous systems and their control of behavior Charles Derby, Martin Thiel pdf Oxford University Press 23947866 English 2014 Natural History of Crustacea [Download]
64. Power System Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operation of Power Systems and Equipment Juergen Schlabbach, Karl-Heinz Rofalski pdf Wiley-VCH 3923231 English 2014 [Download]
65. Reliability Characterisation of Electrical and Electronic Systems Jonathan Swingler pdf Woodhead Publishing 16357219 English 2015 Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials [Download]
66. Design and Fabrication of Self-Powered Micro-Harvesters: Rotating and Vibrated Micro-Power Systems C. T. Pan, Y. M. Hwang, Liwei Lin, Ying-Chung Chen epub Wiley-IEEE Press 26951521 English 2014 [Download]
67. Stability Theory of Dynamical Systems N.P. Bhatia, G.P. Szegö djvu Springer 5014776 English 2002 Classics in Mathematics [Download]
68. A neotropical companion : an introduction to the animals, plants, and ecosystems of the New World tropics John Kricher ; illustrated by William E. Davis, Jr djvu Princeton University Press 6405597 English 1997 [Download]
69. ACI 440.2R-08: Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures ACI Committee 440 pdf American Concrete Institute (ACI) 26931953 English 2008 [Download]
70. Ablative Thermal Protection Systems Modeling Georges Duffa pdf AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Ast 12546188 English 2013 Aiaa Education Series [Download]
71. Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa during the Holocene, Past? Present? Future : Palaeoecology of Africa, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments Runge, J pdf Taylor & Francis 10979372 English 2007 [Download]
72. Limits and Possibilities: The Crisis of Yugoslav Socialism and State Socialist Systems Bogdan Denitch pdf University of Minnesota Press 11150814 English 1990 [Download]
73. Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 2 Michel Rigo pdf Wiley-ISTE 3057297 English 2014 ISTE [Download]
74. Quantum Statistics in Optics and Solid State Physics: Statistical Theory of Instabilities in Stationary Nonequilibrium Systems With Applications to Lasers ... R. Graham, G. Hoehler, Fritz Haake djvu Springer-Verlag 1696285 English 1973 Springer Tracts in Modern Physics Vol 66 [Download]
75. The Asymptotic Solution of Linear Differential Systems: Application of the Levinson Theorem M. S. P. Eastham djvu Oxford University Press 2119658 English 1989 London Mathematical Society Monographs New Series [Download]
76. Semi-Markov Models: Control of Restorable Systems with Latent Failures Yuriy E Obzherin, Elena G Boyko pdf Academic Press 8154882 English 2015 [Download]
77. Formal Ontology in Information Systems: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference (FOIS 2014) Pawel Garbacz, Oliver Kutz pdf IOS Press 10077281 English 2014 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Volume 267 [Download]
78. Binary Liquid Systems of Nonelectrolytes II I. Cibulka, J.-C. Fontaine, K. Sosnkowska-Kehiaian, H. V. Kehiaian (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 14095829 English 2012 Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry 26B : Physical Chemistry [Download]
79. Analysis and Control of Oilwell Drilling Vibrations: A Time-Delay Systems Approach Martha Belem Saldivar Márquez, Islam Boussaada, Hugues Mounier, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 8317768 English 2015 Advances in Industrial Control [Download]
80. Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services: 11th International Conference, GECON 2014, Cardiff, UK, September 16-18, 2014. Revised Selected Papers. Jörn Altmann, Kurt Vanmechelen, Omer F. Rana (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 14006575 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8914 Computer Communication Networks and Telecommunications [Download]
81. Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Computation and Optimization in Information Systems and Management Sciences - MCO 2015 - Part II Hoai An Le Thi, Tao Pham Dinh, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 19350396 English 2015 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 360 [Download]
82. Theory and Engineering of Complex Systems and Dependability: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems DepCoS-RELCOMEX, June 29 – July 3 2015, Brunów, Poland Wojciech Zamojski, Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Jarosław Sugier, Tomasz Walkowiak, Janusz Kacprzyk (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 29189436 English 2015 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 365 [Download]
83. Dynamics of Information Systems: Computational and Mathematical Challenges Chrysafis Vogiatzis, Jose L. Walteros, Panos M. Pardalos (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4790270 English 2014 Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 105 [Download]
84. Encyclopedia Of US Air Force Aircraft And Missile Systems Knaak M. djvu Office of Air Force History 5353261 English 1978 [Download]
85. Damages on Pumps and Systems. The Handbook for the Operation of Centrifugal Pumps Thomas Merkle (Auth.) pdf Elsevier B.V 15587425 English 2014 [Download]
86. Zang Fu. The Organ Systems of Traditional Chinese Medecine Jeremy Ross djvu Churchill Livingstone 3294121 English 1985 [Download]
87. Living Roofs in Integrated Urban Water Systems Daniel Roehr, Elizabeth Fassman-Beck pdf Routledge 2608074 English 2015 [Download]
88. Electrician''s Guide to Control and Monitoring Systems: Installation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance Albert F. Cutter Sr. pdf McGraw-Hill Professional 4361088 English 2010 [Download]
89. Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 20th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2015, Passau, Germany, June 17-19, 2015, Proceedings Chris Biemann, Siegfried Handschuh, André Freitas, Farid Meziane, Elisabeth Métais (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 17315685 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9103 [Download]
90. Fusion of Smart, Multimedia and Computer Gaming Technologies: Research, Systems and Perspectives Dharmendra Sharma, Margarita Favorskaya, Lakhmi C. Jain, Robert J. Howlett (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7714805 English 2015 Intelligent Systems Reference Library 84 [Download]
91. Management, Performance, and Applications of Micro Irrigation Systems Megh R. Goyal pdf Apple Academic Press 4238057 English 2014 Research Advances in Sustainable Micro Irrigation [Download]
92. Big Data: Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems Nathan Marz, James Warren mobi Manning Publications 9030992 English 2015 [Download]
93. Control and Systems Engineering: A Report on Four Decades of Contributions Aly El-Osery, Jeff Prevost (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 23133050 English 2015 Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 27 [Download]
94. Foundations of Augmented Cognition. Advancing Human Performance and Decision-Making through Adaptive Systems: 8th International Conference, AC 2014, Held as Part of HCI International 2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 22-27, 2014. Proceedings Dylan D. Schmorrow, Cali M. Fidopiastis (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 10598021 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8534 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence [Download]
95. Human-based Systems for Translational Research Robert Coleman, David Fox, Geny Groothius, Colin Garner, Ellen Berg, Katherine Tsaioun, Gerry Thomas, Martin Brunner, Kelly BeruBe, James Hickman, David Bunton pdf Royal Society of Chemistry 9741488 English 2014 RSC Drug Discovery [Download]
96. Proceedings of the 18th Asia Pacific Symposium on Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems, Volume 1 Hisashi Handa, Hisao Ishibuchi, Yew-Soon Ong, Kay Chen Tan (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 34376545 English 2015 Proceedings in Adaptation, Learning and Optimization 1 [Download]
97. New trends in design of control systems : a postprint volume from the IFAC workshop, Smolenice, Slovak Republic, 7-10 September 1994 M Huba; J Miklěs; International Federation of Automatic Control pdf Pergamon Press, , Elsevier Ltd 24434424 English 1995 IFAC Postprint Volume [Download]
98. Prediction of Polymeric Membrane Separation and Purification Performances: A Combined Mechanical, Chemical and Thermodynamic Model for Organic Systems Alexander Anim-Mensah, Rakesh Govind (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4992544 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science [Download]
99. Sustainable Use of Water Resources and Irrigation Systems Design Jamal Khan, Muhammad Zubair, Tahir Sarwar, Javaid A. Tariq, and Nisar Ahrnad pdf 9006023 0 [Download]
100. Control in transportation systems : proceedings of the 4th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS Conference, Baden-Baden, Federal Republic of Germany, 20-22 April 1983 D Klamt;Rudolf Lauber;International Federation of Automatic Control.;International Federation for Information Processing.;International Federation of Operational Research Societies.;All authors pdf Pergamon Press, , Elsevier Ltd 14983935 English 1984 IFAC proceedings series, 1984, no. 3 [Download]
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