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1. Decimal Tables for the Reduction of Hindu Dates from the Data of the Sūrya-Siddhānta W. E. van Wijk pdf Springer Netherlands 6614445 English 1938 [Download]
2. Emerging Economies: Food and Energy Security, and Technology and Innovation Parthasarathi Shome, Pooja Sharma (eds.) pdf Springer India 10641789 English 2015 [Download]
3. Refractive Indices of Inorganic, Organometallic, and Organononmetallic Liquids, and Binary Liquid Mixtures Ch. Wohlfarth, B. Wohlfarth (auth.), M. D. Lechner (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 3990867 English 1996 Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter 38A : Condensed Matter [Download]
4. Kompendium Kinderonkologie Prof. Dr. med. Paul Imbach, Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühne, Robert J. Arceci MD Ph.D. (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1514097 German 2014 [Download]
5. Automatic Design of Decision-Tree Induction Algorithms Rodrigo C. Barros, André C.P.L.F de Carvalho, Alex A. Freitas (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4125171 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Computer Science [Download]
6. Systems Thinking Approach for Social Problems: Proceedings of 37th National Systems Conference, December 2013 Vivek Vijay, Sandeep Kumar Yadav, Bibhas Adhikari, Harinipriya Seshadri, Deepak Kumar Fulwani (eds.) pdf Springer India 17297367 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 327 [Download]
7. Pre-Analytics of Pathological Specimens in Oncology Manfred Dietel, Christian Wittekind, Gianni Bussolati, Moritz von Winterfeld (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7228210 English 2015 Recent Results in Cancer Research 199 [Download]
8. Kent and Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology James A. Kent djvu Springer 37333767 English 2007 2 Vol Set [Download]
9. Italy’s Top Products in World Trade: The Fortis-Corradini Index Marco Fortis, Stefano Corradini, Monica Carminati (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 2678486 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Business [Download]
10. Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction: A User’s Manual Gautam Allahbadia, Masashige Kuwayama, Goral Gandhi (eds.) pdf Springer India 3592293 English 2015 [Download]
11. Atlas of CT Angiography: Normal and Pathologic Findings Gratian Dragoslav Miclaus, Horia Ples (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 29678200 English 2014 [Download]
12. Understanding Facial Expressions in Communication: Cross-cultural and Multidisciplinary Perspectives Manas K. Mandal, Avinash Awasthi (eds.) pdf Springer India 6028328 English 2015 [Download]
13. Index and Query Methods in Road Networks Jun Feng, Toyohide Watanabe (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7326049 English 2015 Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 29 [Download]
14. The Presence of Duns Scotus in the Thought of Edith Stein: The question of individuality Francesco Alfieri (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 3583148 English 2015 Analecta Husserliana 120 [Download]
15. Integrated Pest Management: Experiences with Implementation, Global Overview, Vol.4 Rajinder Peshin, David Pimentel (eds.) pdf Springer Netherlands 13566716 English 2014 [Download]
16. Väterliche Mentalisierungsfähigkeit und Kleinkindentwicklung: Bindung, Vater-Kind-Spiel, Emotionsregulation Hendrik Haßelbeck (auth.) pdf Springer 36577505 German 2015 BestMasters [Download]
17. Spin-Orbit-Induced Spin Textures of Unoccupied Surface States on Tl/Si(111) Sebastian David Stolwijk (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4375122 English 2015 Springer Theses [Download]
18. Inclusive Human Machine Interaction for India: A Case Study of Developing Inclusive Applications for the Indian Population Pradipta Biswas (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 7563581 English 2014 Human–Computer Interaction Series [Download]
19. Flinovia - Flow Induced Noise and Vibration Issues and Aspects: A Focus on Measurement, Modeling, Simulation and Reproduction of the Flow Excitation and Flow Induced Response Elena Ciappi, Sergio De Rosa, Francesco Franco, Jean-Louis Guyader, Stephen A. Hambric (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 18919006 English 2015 [Download]
20. Kindheit - aufs Spiel gesetzt: Vom Wert des Spielens für die Entwicklung des Kindes Gabriele Pohl (auth.) pdf Springer Spektrum 4181984 German 2014 [Download]
21. Induction and Direct Resistance Heating: Theory and Numerical Modeling Sergio Lupi, Michele Forzan, Aleksandr Aliferov (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 17501549 English 2015 [Download]
22. Exploring the Design and Effects of Internal Knowledge Markets Hind Benbya (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 2723442 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Digital Spaces [Download]
23. Differential Reynolds Stress Modeling for Separating Flows in Industrial Aerodynamics Bernhard Eisfeld (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 5962881 English 2015 Springer Tracts in Mechanical Engineering [Download]
24. Design Issues for Service Delivery Platforms: Incorporate User Experience: A Grounded Theory Study of Individual User Needs Martin Bergaus (auth.) pdf Springer Vieweg 32243637 English 2015 [Download]
25. Prediction of Polymeric Membrane Separation and Purification Performances: A Combined Mechanical, Chemical and Thermodynamic Model for Organic Systems Alexander Anim-Mensah, Rakesh Govind (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4992544 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science [Download]
26. Environmental Sustainability: Role of Green Technologies P. Thangavel, G. Sridevi (eds.) pdf Springer India 11513366 English 2015 [Download]
27. Cultural Hybridity and the Environment: Strategies to celebrate local and Indigenous knowledge Kirsten Maclean pdf Springer-Verlag Singapur 4200162 English 2015 [Download]
28. Electrodynamics: The Field-Free Approach: Electrostatics, Magnetism, Induction, Relativity and Field Theory Kjell Prytz pdf Springer 2590183 English 2015 Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics [Download]
29. Kind und Musik: Das Entwicklungspotenzial erkennen und verstehen Stefanie Stadler Elmer (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 5276467 German 2015 [Download]
30. Urban Transportation and the Environment: Issues, Alternatives and Policy Analysis Sudhakar Yedla (auth.) pdf Springer India 3905446 English 2015 [Download]
31. Positron Emission Tomography: A Guide for Clinicians Birendra Kishore Das (eds.) pdf Springer India 15110747 English 2015 [Download]
32. New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science: From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications Paulo Flores, Fernando Viadero (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 63920502 English 2015 Mechanisms and Machine Science 24 [Download]
33. Applied Microbiology Sanjai Saxena (auth.) pdf Springer India 5362705 English 2015 [Download]
34. Abrechnung Alternative Medizin 2015: Methoden, Indikationen, Abrechnungsbeispiele Peter M. Hermanns, Bärbel Roscher, Dagmar Heimer-Lang (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 3254588 English 2015 Erfolgskonzepte Praxis- & Krankenhaus-Management [Download]
35. Frühe Kindheit 0-3 Jahre: Beratung und Psychotherapie für Eltern mit Säuglingen und Kleinkindern Manfred Cierpka (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 7123293 German 2014 [Download]
36. Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement: Gesundheitsförderung in der Arbeitswelt - Mitarbeiter einbinden, Prozesse gestalten, Erfolge messen Thorsten Uhle, Michael Treier (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 8368332 German 2015 [Download]
37. Sustainable Horticulture in Semiarid Dry Lands Shrikant Hiwale (auth.) pdf Springer India 13706267 English 2015 [Download]
38. Green Investing: The Case of India Gagari Chakrabarti, Chitrakalpa Sen (auth.) pdf Springer India 2227886 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Finance [Download]
39. Computational Intelligence in Data Mining - Volume 2: Proceedings of the International Conference on CIDM, 20-21 December 2014 Lakhmi C. Jain, Himansu Sekhar Behera, Jyotsna Kumar Mandal, Durga Prasad Mohapatra (eds.) pdf Springer India 23851974 English 2015 Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 32 [Download]
40. Security in Computing and Communications: Second International Symposium, SSCC 2014, Delhi, India, September 24-27, 2014. Proceedings Jaime Lloret Mauri, Sabu M. Thampi, Danda B. Rawat, Di Jin (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 20936864 English 2014 Communications in Computer and Information Science 467 [Download]
41. Principles and Practice of Lacrimal Surgery Mohammad Javed Ali (eds.) pdf Springer India 36905630 English 2015 [Download]
42. Index Analysis: Approach Theory at Work R. Lowen (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag London 6730163 English 2015 Springer Monographs in Mathematics [Download]
43. Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice: Clinician’s Guide to the ClinicalQ, Neurofeedback, and Braindriving Paul G. Swingle (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4675474 English 2015 [Download]
44. Introduction to Dynamics Friedrich Pfeiffer, Thorsten Schindler pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2888926 English 2015 [Download]
45. Social Identities of Young Indigenous People in Contemporary Australia: Neo-colonial North, Yarrabah Hae Seong Jang (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 8348137 English 2015 [Download]
46. The Harary Index of a Graph Kexiang Xu, Kinkar Ch. Das, Nenad Trinajstić (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 3731921 English 2015 SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology : SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Methods [Download]
47. Ideas in Marketing: Finding the New and Polishing the Old: Proceedings of the 2013 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference Krzysztof Kubacki (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 31828730 2015 Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science [Download]
48. 16th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering: 16. NBC & 10. MTD 2014 joint conferences. October 14-16, 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden Henrik Mindedal, Mikael Persson (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 26800364 English 2015 IFMBE Proceedings 48 [Download]
49. Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation: 16th International Conference, VMCAI 2015, Mumbai, India, January 12-14, 2015. Proceedings Deepak D’Souza, Akash Lal, Kim Guldstrand Larsen (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 11008973 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8931 Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues [Download]
50. Embodied Social Cognition Jessica Lindblom (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 6488319 English 2015 Cognitive Systems Monographs 26 [Download]
51. Recent Trends in Modelling of Environmental Contaminants Debashish Sengupta (eds.) pdf Springer India 9764175 English 2014 [Download]
52. Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level: Making the Links Walter Leal Filho, Luciana Brandli, Olga Kuznetsova, Arminda Maria Finisterra do Paço (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 13134586 English 2015 World Sustainability Series [Download]
53. Advances in Plant Biopesticides Dwijendra Singh (eds.) pdf Springer India 9820353 English 2014 [Download]
54. Geometric Structure of Chemistry-Relevant Graphs: Zigzags and Central Circuits Michel-Marie Deza, Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Mikhail Ivanovitch Shtogrin (auth.) pdf Springer India 10086384 English 2015 Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics 1 [Download]
55. Ubiquitous Computing in the Workplace: What Ethical Issues? An Interdisciplinary Perspective Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, Céline Ehrwein Nihan (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 3402592 English 2015 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 333 [Download]
56. Aggressive Kinder und Jugendliche: Prävention und Therapie – ein Überblick Franz Petermann, Ute Koglin (auth.) pdf Springer 1178943 German 2015 essentials [Download]
57. Individual Choice and State-Led Nationalist Mobilization in China: Self-interested Patriots Wen Zha (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1851129 English 2015 [Download]
58. Climate Change Modelling, Planning and Policy for Agriculture Anil Kumar Singh, Jagdish Chander Dagar, Ayyanadar Arunachalam, Gopichandran R, Kirit Nanubhai Shelat (eds.) pdf Springer India 10591124 English 2015 [Download]
59. Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Social Implications Kshitij Kumar Singh (auth.) pdf Springer India 2006462 English 2015 [Download]
60. Individualized Medicine: Ethical, Economical and Historical Perspectives Tobias Fischer, Martin Langanke, Paul Marschall, Susanne Michl (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 4881725 English 2015 Advances in Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine 7 [Download]
61. Systemic Flexibility and Business Agility Sushil, Gerhard Chroust (eds.) pdf Springer India 9236149 English 2015 Flexible Systems Management [Download]
62. Aggression und Gewalt bei Kindern und Jugendlichen: Formen und Ursachen Franz Petermann, Ute Koglin (auth.) pdf Springer 1171831 German 2015 essentials [Download]
63. Handbook on Project Management and Scheduling Vol.1 Christoph Schwindt, Jürgen Zimmermann (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 9223948 English 2015 International Handbooks on Information Systems [Download]
64. Plant Protection in Tropical Root and Tuber Crops P. Parvatha Reddy (auth.) pdf Springer India 19949937 English 2015 [Download]
65. Recent Advances in Lichenology: Modern Methods and Approaches in Lichen Systematics and Culture Techniques, Volume 2 Dalip Kumar Upreti, Pradeep K. Divakar, Vertika Shukla, Rajesh Bajpai (eds.) pdf Springer India 9289917 English 2015 [Download]
66. Functions and Generality of Logic: Reflections on Dedekind's and Frege's Logicisms Hourya Benis-Sinaceur, Marco Panza, Gabriel Sandu (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 2141685 English 2015 Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science 37 [Download]
67. Connexins: The Gap Junction Proteins Dr. Mahboob Ul Hussain (auth.) pdf Springer India 1143659 English 2014 SpringerBriefs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology [Download]
68. Prostate Cancer: A Patient's Guide René Sotelo, Juan Arriaga, Raed A. Azhar, Inderbir S. Gill (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 9949506 English 2015 [Download]
69. Globalization and Standards: Issues and Challenges in Indian Business Keshab Das (eds.) pdf Springer India 4024405 English 2014 India Studies in Business and Economics [Download]
70. Chronic Venous Disorders of the Lower Limbs: A Surgical Approach Subramoniam Vaidyanathan, Riju Ramachandran Menon, Pradeep Jacob, Binni John (auth.) pdf Springer India 8527587 English 2015 [Download]
71. Veterinary Mycology Indranil Samanta (auth.) pdf Springer India 3232610 English 2015 [Download]
72. Index of Substances for Volumes II/4, II/6, II/14, and II/19 J. Vogt (auth.), W. Hüttner (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 914408 English 1994 Landolt-Börnstein - Group II Molecules and Radicals 19d3 : Molecules and Radicals [Download]
73. Weiterbildung Onkologie: CME-Beiträge aus: Der Onkologe, Januar 2013 - Juni 2014 Irenäus A. Adamietz, Wolf O. Bechstein, Hans Christiansen, Christian Doehn, Andreas Hochhaus, Ralf-Dieter Hofheinz, Werner Lichtenegger, Dirk Schadendorf, Michael Untch, Christian F. Wittekind (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 4383843 German 2015 [Download]
74. Coopetition for Regional Competitiveness: The Role of Academe in Knowledge-Based Industrial Clustering Jomphong Mongkhonvanit (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Singapur 1301506 English 2014 SpringerBriefs in Education [Download]
75. Number Theory: Proceedings of the 4th Matscience Conference held at Ootacamund, India, January 5–10, 1984 Krishnaswami Alladi (auth.), Krishnaswami Alladi (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 7511552 English 1985 Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1122 [Download]
76. An Outline of the Recent History of Indonesian Criminal Law Han Bing Siong (auth.) pdf Springer Netherlands 8086069 English 1961 Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde [Download]
77. Sustainable Transportation: Indicators, Frameworks, and Performance Management Henrik Gudmundsson, Ralph P. Hall, Greg Marsden, Josias Zietsman (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 6045317 English 2016 Springer Texts in Business and Economics [Download]
78. Epistemologische Überzeugungen von Erzieherinnen und Erziehern: Die Bedeutung für das pädagogische Handeln in Kindertageseinrichtungen Magdalena Plöger-Werner (auth.) pdf Springer 2138254 German 2015 [Download]
79. Computational Advancement in Communication Circuits and Systems: Proceedings of ICCACCS 2014 Koushik Maharatna, Goutam Kumar Dalapati, P K Banerjee, Amiya Kumar Mallick, Moumita Mukherjee (eds.) pdf Springer India 16658251 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 335 [Download]
80. Die Aufprägung und Vererbung der Zellpolarität: Analyse der Kernmigration anhand der Aufdeckung eines Kernkorbs aus Aktinfilamenten Linda Brochhausen (auth.) pdf Springer Spektrum 7860388 German 2015 BestMasters [Download]
81. Non-Photochemical Quenching and Energy Dissipation in Plants, Algae and Cyanobacteria Barbara Demmig-Adams, Gyozo Garab, William Adams III, Govindjee (eds.) pdf Springer Netherlands 14494658 English 2014 Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration 40 [Download]
82. Interactive Theorem Proving and Program Development: Coq'Art: The Calculus of Inductive Constructions Yves Bertot, Pierre Castéran djvu Springer 3231289 English 2004 Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series [Download]
83. Advances in Material Forming and Joining: 5th International and 26th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference, AIMTDR 2014 R. Ganesh Narayanan, Uday Shanker Dixit (eds.) pdf Springer India 12621259 English 2015 Topics in Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering [Download]
84. Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Proceedings of ICAEES 2014, Volume 2 L Padma Suresh, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi (eds.) pdf Springer India 30180062 English 2015 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 325 [Download]
85. Progress in Cryptology -- INDOCRYPT 2014: 15th International Conference on Cryptology in India, New Delhi, India, December 14-17, 2014, Proceedings Willi Meier, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 13540275 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8885 Security and Cryptology [Download]
86. PlantOmics: The Omics of Plant Science Debmalya Barh, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Eric Davies (eds.) pdf Springer India 17815974 English 2015 [Download]
87. The Emerging Quantum: The Physics Behind Quantum Mechanics Luis de la Peña, Ana María Cetto, Andrea Valdés-Hernández pdf Springer 5139064 English 2014 [Download]
88. New Horizons in Insect Science: Towards Sustainable Pest Management Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy (eds.) pdf Springer India 12725477 English 2015 [Download]
89. Managing Complexity: Challenges for Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Cesáreo Hernández, Adolfo López-Paredes, José M. Pérez-Ríos (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 11698553 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering [Download]
90. On the Mathematical Modeling of Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor Ahmed G. Radwan, Mohammed E. Fouda (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 29168487 English 2015 Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 26 [Download]
91. Etwas Analysis: Eine Einführung in die eindimensionale Analysis Jürgen Pöschel (auth.) pdf Springer Spektrum 3767027 German 2014 German Edition [Download]
92. Unraveling Thermoluminescence C M Sunta (auth.) pdf Springer India 5175399 English 2015 Springer Series in Materials Science 202 [Download]
93. Economic Planning and Industrial Policy in the Globalizing Economy: Concepts, Experience and Prospects Murat Yülek (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 6424398 English 2015 Public Administration, Governance and Globalization 13 [Download]
94. Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects: 14th Industrial Conference, ICDM 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 16-20, 2014. Proceedings Petra Perner (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 6090949 English 2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8557 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence [Download]
95. History of Monetary Policy in India Since Independence Ashima Goyal (auth.) pdf Springer India 1577158 English 2014 SpringerBriefs in Economics [Download]
96. Yoga and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy: A Clinical Guide Basant Pradhan (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 3356796 English 2015 [Download]
97. Counseling Individuals with Life Threatening Illness, Second Edition Kenneth J. Doka PhD pdf Springer Publishing Company 886417 English 2013 [Download]
98. Channel Coding Techniques for Wireless Communications K. Deergha Rao (auth.) pdf Springer India 31465977 English 2015 [Download]
99. Systems Biology of RNA Binding Proteins Gene W. Yeo (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag New York 9748690 English 2014 Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 825 [Download]
100. Handbook of Operations Research in Agriculture and the Agri-Food Industry Lluis M. Pl`-Aragonés (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag New York 8919807 English 2015 International Series in Operations Research & Management Science 224 [Download]
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