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1. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 7: Education, Professional Ethics and Public Recognition of Engineering Geology Giorgio Lollino, Massimo Arattano, Marco Giardino, Ricardo Oliveira, Silvia Peppoloni (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 13838702 English 2014 [Download]
2. The White River Badlands: Geology and Paleontology Rachel C. Benton, Dennis O. Terry, Emmett Evanoff Jr., Hugh Gregory McDonald pdf Indiana University Press 18235374 English 2015 Life of the Past [Download]
3. Structural Geology: Fundamentals and Modern Developments Ghosh, S.K. pdf Elsevier Science 81220862 English 2013 [Download]
4. Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur : Mythology and Geology of the Underworld Kroonenberg, Salomon; Brown, Andy pdf Reaktion Books 11750052 English 2011 [Download]
5. Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling, Second Edition Kresic, Neven pdf CRC Press 43663440 English 2006 [Download]
6. Geology and Resource Potential of the Congo Basin Maarten J. de Wit, François Guillocheau, Michiel C. J. de Wit (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 58575631 English 2015 Regional Geology Reviews [Download]
7. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 8: Preservation of Cultural Heritage Giorgio Lollino, Daniele Giordan, Cristian Marunteanu, Basiles Christaras, Iwasaki Yoshinori, Claudio Margottini (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 58846250 English 2015 [Download]
8. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 2: Landslide Processes Giorgio Lollino, Daniele Giordan, Giovanni B. Crosta, Jordi Corominas, Rafig Azzam, Janusz Wasowski, Nicola Sciarra (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 198568812 2015 [Download]
9. Nuclear Geophysics: Applications in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Agriculture and Environmental Science V.I. Ferronsky (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 15733198 English 2015 Springer Geophysics [Download]
10. Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice Kevin Hiscock, Victor Bense pdf Wiley-Blackwell 25077999 English 2014 [Download]
11. Stress and deformation : a handbook on tensors in geology G F Oertel djvu Oxford University Press 3986859 English 1996 [Download]
12. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 4: Marine and Coastal Processes Giorgio Lollino, Andrea Manconi, Jacques Locat, Yu Huang, Miquel Canals Artigas (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 15260355 English 2014 [Download]
13. Darwin's Notebooks, 1836-1844: Geology, Transmutation of Species, Metaphysical Enquiries Charles Darwin, Paul H. Barrett, Peter J. Gautrey, Sandra Herbert, David Kohn, Sydney Smith pdf Cambridge University Press 16200874 English 1987,2008,2011 [Download]
14. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 6: Applied Geology for Major Engineering Projects Giorgio Lollino, Daniele Giordan, Kurosch Thuro, Carlos Carranza-Torres, Faquan Wu, Paul Marinos, Carlos Delgado (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 76100966 English 2015 [Download]
15. Global View of Engineering Geology and the Environment Wu Faquan, Shengwen Qi pdf CRC Press 198887225 English 2013 [Download]
16. The geology of multi-ring impact basins : the Moon and other planets Paul D Spudis djvu Cambridge University Press 7549044 English 1993 Cambridge planetary science series, 8 [Download]
17. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 3: River Basins, Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Resources Giorgio Lollino, Massimo Arattano, Massimo Rinaldi, Orazio Giustolisi, Jean-Christophe Marechal, Gordon E. Grant (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 42547007 English 2015 [Download]
18. Uranium - Past and Future Challenges: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology Broder J. Merkel, Alireza Arab (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 46836750 English 2015 [Download]
19. History of geology and paleontology to the end of the nineteenth century, Karl Alfred von Zittel djvu C. Scribner's Sons 41309946 English 1901 The contemporary science series [Download]
20. Practical and applied hydrogeology Zekâi Şen pdf Elsevier 38630314 English 2015 [Download]
21. Understanding geology through maps G J Borradaile pdf Elsevier 68542132 English 2015 [Download]
22. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 1: Climate Change and Engineering Geology Giorgio Lollino, Andrea Manconi, John Clague, Wei Shan, Marta Chiarle (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 39521599 English 2015 [Download]
23. Stories in Stone: How Geology Influenced Connecticut History and Culture Jelle Zeilinga de Boer pdf Wesleyan 4167012 English 2009 Garnet Books [Download]
24. Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 5: Urban Geology, Sustainable Planning and Landscape Exploitation Giorgio Lollino, Andrea Manconi, Fausto Guzzetti, Martin Culshaw, Peter Bobrowsky, Fabio Luino (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 95848639 2015 [Download]
25. Geology and Landscapes of Scotland: Second Edition Con Gillen pdf Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. 29813193 English 2013 [Download]
26. Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience (Wiley Desktop Editions) Robin Gill pdf Wiley-Blackwell 9393353 English 2015 [Download]
27. Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology Patrick A. Domenico, Franklin W. Schwartz pdf Wiley 32634452 English 1997 [Download]
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