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1. A History of Communications : Media and Society from the Evolution of Speech to the Internet Poe, Marshall T. pdf Cambridge University Press 1348088 English 2011 [Download]
2. From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women in the World, Volume IV: Revolutions and Struggles for Justice in the 20th Century Marilyn French, Margaret Atwood pdf The Feminist Press at CUNY 4691478 English 2008 [Download]
3. The evolution of the emotion-processing mind : with an introduction to mental Darwinism Langs, Robert pdf Karnac Books 6301196 English 1996 [Download]
4. The Green Industrial Revolution: Energy, Engineering and Economics Woodrow W. Clark III, Grant Cooke pdf Butterworth-Heinemann 35199908 English 2014 [Download]
5. America Enters the Industrial Revolution Susan Hamen pdf Rourke Publishing;Rourke Educational Media 16405359 English 2013 History of America [Download]
6. Continuity during the Storm: Boissy d'Anglas and the Era of the French Revolution John R. Ballard pdf Praeger 13047585 English 2000 Contributions to the Study of World History [Download]
7. From Logos to Trinity: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian Marian Hillar pdf Cambridge University Press 2779666 English 2012 [Download]
8. Satyric Play: The Evolution of Greek Comedy and Satyr Drama Carl Shaw pdf Oxford University Press 14747962 English 2014 [Download]
9. Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties Ian MacDonald epub Chicago Review Press 9984150 English 2007 [Download]
10. The Industrial Revolution in United States History Anita Louise McCormick epub Enslow Publishers 2140922 English 2014 In United States History [Download]
11. Logic of Chance: The nature and Origin of Biological Evolution Koonin Eugene pdf Choice 4838176 0 [Download]
12. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution Walter Isaacson zip Simon & Schuster 5915493 English 2014 [Download]
13. The Non-Euclidean Revolution (Modern Birkhäuser Classics) Richard J. Trudeau djvu Birkhäuser Boston 3427488 English 2008 Modern Birkhäuser Classics [Download]
14. Revolutions: Finished and Unfinished, from Primal to Final Paul Caringella, Wayne Cristaudo, Glenn Hughes pdf Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2242988 English 2012 [Download]
15. Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution and Ecology P.S. Verma, V.K. Agarwal pdf S. Chand & Co 16897020 English 2005 [Download]
16. Philosopher and Prophet: Judah Halevi, the Kuzari, and the Evolution of His Thought Yochanan Silman pdf State University of New York Press 57379355 English 1995 Suny Series in Judaica [Download]
17. Britain Confronts the Stalin Revolution: Anglo-Soviet Relations and the Metro-Vickers Crisis Gordon W. Morrell pdf Wilfrid Laurier University Press 16474733 English 1995 [Download]
18. Ingenious Machinists: Two Inventive Lives from the American Industrial Revolution Anthony J. Connors pdf Excelsior Editions/State University of New Yo 5405907 English 2014 [Download]
19. Russia's Unfinished Revolution: Political Change from Gorbachev to Putin Michael McFaul pdf Cornell University Press 7555591 English 2001 [Download]
20. State Capitalism & World Revolution C.L.R. James, Raya Dunayevskaya, Grace Lee Boggs, Paul Buhle, Martin Glaberman pdf Charles H. Kerr 1763891 English 1986 Revolutionary Classics [Download]
21. India's Organic Farming Revolution: What It Means for Our Global Food System Sapna E. Thottathil pdf University Of Iowa Press 1351277 English 2014 [Download]
22. Swing and day trading: evolution of a trader Thomas N. Bulkowski pdf Wiley 19076652 English 2013 Wiley trading [Download]
23. Evolutionary Analysis Jon C. Herron, Scott Freeman pdf Pearson 57312744 English 0 [Download]
24. The Evolution of the Property Relation: Understanding Paradigms, Debates, and Prospects Ann E. Davis pdf Palgrave Macmillan 1641044 English 2015 [Download]
25. Future Evolution Peter Ward pdf W. H. Freeman 4092077 English 2001 [Download]
26. Approaches to Plant Evolutionary Ecology G.P. Cheplick pdf Oxford University Press 6623954 English 2015 [Download]
27. The student's Hume. A history of England from the earliest times to the revolution in 1688 David Hume pdf Harper & Brothers 17012854 English 1858 [Download]
28. Cyberpunk: Stories of Hardware, Software, Wetware, Evolution, and Revolution Pat Cadigan, Benjamin Parzybok, William Gibson, Jonathan Lethem, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, Cory Doctorow, Cat Rambo, Kim Stanley Robinson, Bruce Sterling, Victoria Blake pdf Underland Press 1784654 English 2013 [Download]
29. The Evolution of Strategy: Thinking War from Antiquity to the Present Beatrice Heuser pdf Cambridge University Press 3158871 English 2010 [Download]
30. Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa during the Holocene, Past? Present? Future : Palaeoecology of Africa, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments Runge, J pdf Taylor & Francis 10979372 English 2007 [Download]
31. The Iron Cage of Liberalism: International Politics and Unarmed Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa Daniel Ritter pdf Oxford University Press 1907803 English 2015 [Download]
32. Genetics and the Logic of Evolution Kenneth M. Weiss, Anne V. Buchanan djvu Wiley-Liss 6346856 English 2004 [Download]
33. The Proboscidea: Evolution and Palaeoecology of Elephants and Their Relatives Jeheskel Shoshani, Pascal Tassy djvu Oxford University Press, USA 10815066 English 1996 Oxford Science Publications [Download]
34. Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Systems: Proceedings of ICAEES 2014, Volume 1 L. Padma Suresh, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi (eds.) pdf Springer India 21369406 English 2015 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 324 [Download]
35. From Eve to Evolution: Darwin, Science, and Women's Rights in Gilded Age America Kimberly A Hamlin pdf University of Chicago Press 1615284 English 2014 [Download]
36. Nature's Nether Regions: What the Sex Lives of Bugs, Birds, and Beasts Tell Us About Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ourselves Menno Schilthuizen epub Viking 2646222 English 2014 [Download]
37. Life During the Industrial Revolution Julia Garstecki pdf ABDO Publishing Company;ABDO;Core Library 17934269 English 2014 Daily Life in US History [Download]
38. Ancestors in Our Genome: The New Science of Human Evolution Eugene E. Harris epub Oxford University Press 6116445 English 2014 [Download]
39. Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution Robert L. Carroll djvu W. H. Freeman and Company 9271167 English 1990 [Download]
40. Integral recovery : a revolutionary approach to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction Dupuy, John pdf State University of New York Press 7763119 English 2013 SUNY series in integral theory.; Excelsior editions. [Download]
41. Evolution of the Metazoan Life Cycle Gosta Jagersten djvu Academic Press Inc 3124847 English 1972 [Download]
42. Archives of the Scientific Revolution: The Formation and Exchange of Ideas in Seventeenth-Century Europe Michael Hunter pdf Boydell Press 7091350 English 1998 [Download]
43. Galaxy Formation and Evolution Houjun Mo, Frank van den Bosch, Simon White djvu Cambridge University Press 7822876 English 2010 [Download]
44. Viewing African Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Art Films and the Nollywood Video Revolution Mahir Saul, Ralph A. Austen pdf Ohio University Press 1708809 English 2010 [Download]
45. Revolutionary Womanhood: Feminisms, Modernity, and the State in Nasser's Egypt Laura Bier pdf Stanford University Press 38465507 English 2011 Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and I [Download]
46. Staging the French Revolution: Cultural Politics and the Paris Opera, 1789-1794 Mark Darlow pdf Oxford University Press 4637751 English 2012 The New Cultural History of Music Series [Download]
47. The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free--for Life Nicholas Romanov, Kurt Brungardt mobi Penguin Books 13233350 English 2014 [Download]
48. Jose Maria Sison: At Home in the World--Portrait of a Revolutionary Ninotchka Rosca, Jose Maria Sison pdf Open Hand Publishing, LLC 13926280 English 2004 [Download]
49. Logic of cognitive representations and their evolution Henri Wermus pdf 761587 English 1991 [Download]
50. Building Utopia: The Spanish Revolution 1936-1937 Stuart Christie epub Christie Books 320064 English 2012 [Download]
51. History and ideology in the English revolution Quentin Skinner pdf 857221 English 1965 [Download]
52. Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization: 8th International Conference, EMO 2015, Guimarães, Portugal, March 29 --April 1, 2015. Proceedings, Part II António Gaspar-Cunha, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Carlos Coello Coello (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 66040970 English 2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9019 [Download]
53. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems: Proceedings of the Meeting Held at the University of Lecce June 20–23, 1979 F. Calogero (auth.), M. Boiti, F. Pempinelli, G. Soliani (eds.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 10595041 English 1980 Lecture Notes in Physics 120 [Download]
54. The Rise of Islamic State: ISIS and the New Sunni Revolution Patrick Cockburn epub Verso 695011 English 2015 [Download]
55. Protestants, Revolution, and the Cuba-U.S. Bond Theron E. Corse pdf University Press of Florida 2190377 English 2007 Contemporary Cuba [Download]
56. Gramsci's Political Thought: Hegemony, Consciousness, and the Revolutionary Process Joseph V. Femia pdf Clarendon Press 16674012 English 1987 [Download]
57. Magnetohydrodynamics : historical evolution and trends S Molokov; R Moreau; H K Moffatt pdf Springer 9697443 English 2007 Fluid mechanics and its applications, v. 80 [Download]
58. 50+. Igniting a Revolution to Reinvent America Bill Novelli,Boe Workman,Steve Case epub Macmillan Publishers;St. Martin's Press 393801 English 2010 [Download]
59. Beyond Human: Engineering Our Future Evolution Erik Seedhouse (auth.) pdf Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 6535530 English 2014 Science and Fiction [Download]
60. Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution (Statistics for Biology and Health) R Nielsen (Editor) djvu 5941519 English 2005 [Download]
61. 50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know. Reclaiming American Patriotism Michael Zezima epub Red Wheel Weiser Conari;Red Wheel Weiser;Disinformation Books 4843872 English 2013 Things You're Not Supposed to Know [Download]
62. Habitation et milieu de vie: L'evolution du Logement au Canada 1945 a 1986 John R. Miron pdf McGill-Queen's University Press 29983801 French 1994 [Download]
63. La TVA, invention française, révolution mondiale : L'aventure de Maurice Lauré Denys Brunel, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing epub Eyrolles 281676 Français 2012 [Download]
64. Reframing the Feudal Revolution: Political and Social Transformation Between Marne and Moselle, c.800-c.1100 Charles West epub Cambridge University Press 822726 English 2013 Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series [Download]
65. A Century of Revolution: Social Movements in Iran John Foran pdf University of Minnesota Press 19569860 English 1994 Social Movements, Protest, and Contention [Download]
66. The Role of Transportation in the Industrial Revolution: A Comparison of England and France Rick Szostak pdf McGill-Queen's University Press 19894208 English 1991 [Download]
67. The Merchant of Revolution: The Life of Alexander Israel Helphand (Parvus) 1867-1924 Z. A. B. Zeman, W. B. Scharlau pdf Oxford University Press 74471806 English 1965 [Download]
68. Rethinking the Keynesian Revolution: Keynes, Hayek, and the Wicksell Connection Tyler Beck Goodspeed epub Oxford University Press 413749 English 2012 [Download]
69. Evolution of Winnicott's Thinking : Examining the Growth of Psychoanalytic Thought Over Three Generations. Spelman, Margaret Boyle; Winnicott, Donald Woods pdf Karnac Books 1422709 English 2013 [Download]
70. The Archaeology of Mind - Neuroevolutionary Origins of Human Emotions Jaak Panksepp; Lucy Biven epub W. W. Norton & Company 3197131 English 2012 Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology [Download]
71. The Dandelion Insurrection - love and revolution Rivera Sun epub Rising Sun Press Works 384543 English 2013 [Download]
72. Historical Dictionary of the Zulu Wars (Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest) John Laband djvu The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 3189094 English 2009 Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest [Download]
73. The Rise of Birds: 225 Million Years of Evolution Sankar Chatterjee pdf Johns Hopkins University Press 11171810 English 2015 [Download]
74. Mind from matter?: An essay on evolutionary epistemology Max Delbruck pdf Blackwell Scientific Publications 17701314 English 1986 [Download]
75. Neuroimmunity: A New Science That Will Revolutionize How We Keep Our Brains Healthy and Young Michal Schwartz, Anat London, Olle Lindvall pdf Yale University Press 1954825 English 2015 [Download]
76. From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again: A Journey in Final Causality, Species and Evolution Etienne Gilson; John Lyon (transl.) pdf Ignatius Press 37970101 English 2009 [Download]
77. Evolutionism in Eighteenth-century French Thought Mary Efrosini Gregory pdf Peter Lang 1850781 English 2008 Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures 166 [Download]
78. Controversies Within the Scientific Revolution Marcelo Dascal, Victor D. Boantza (editors) pdf John Benjamins Publishing Company 7341363 English 2011 Controversies 11 [Download]
79. Mechanisms of Life History Evolution: The Genetics and Physiology of Life History Traits and Trade-Offs Thomas Flatt, Andreas Heyland pdf Oxford University Press 3337148 English 2011 [Download]
80. Evolutionism In Cultural Anthropology: A Critical History Robert L. Carneiro djvu Westview Press 9134541 English 2003 [Download]
81. Rome's Revolution: Death of the Republic and Birth of the Empire Richard Alston pdf Oxford University Press 9958542 English 2015 Ancient Warfare and Civilization [Download]
82. Evolution and the mechanisms of decision making Stevens, Jeffrey R.; Hammerstein, Peter pdf MIT Press 7034496 English 2012 Strüngmann forum reports [Download]
83. The Evolution of Policing: Worldwide Innovations and Insights Melchor C. de Guzman, Aiedeo Mintie Das, Dilip K. Das pdf CRC Press 6745669 English 2013 [Download]
84. Interest Rate Modelling in the Multi-Curve Framework: Foundations, Evolution and Implementation Marc Henrard pdf Palgrave Macmillan 4435466 English 2014 Applied Quantitative Finance [Download]
85. Exile and Revolution: José D. Poyo, Key West, and Cuban Independence Gerald E. Poyo pdf University Press of Florida 4220533 English 2014 [Download]
86. The Russian Revolution, 1900-1927 Robert Service pdf Palgrave Macmillan 4143382 English 2009 Studies in European History [Download]
87. Plant Ecology and Evolution in Harsh Environments Nishanta Rajakaruna, Robert S. Boyd, Tanner B. Harris pdf Nova Science Pub Inc 7632103 English 2014 [Download]
88. Phenomics: How Next-Generation Phenotyping is Revolutionizing Plant Breeding Roberto Fritsche-Neto, Aluízio Borém (eds.) pdf Springer International Publishing 6235148 English 2015 [Download]
89. Social Theory and Modernity: Critique, Dissent, and Revolution Timothy W. Luke pdf SAGE Publications, Inc 15241018 English 1990 [Download]
90. The Domestication of Language: Cultural Evolution and the Uniqueness of the Human Animal Daniel Cloud epub Columbia University Press 15863122 English 2014 [Download]
91. The Whiskey Rebellion: Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution Thomas P. Slaughter pdf Oxford University Press 19112880 English 1986 [Download]
92. Unbecoming British: How Revolutionary America Became a Postcolonial Nation Kariann Akemi Yokota pdf Oxford University Press 7369936 English 2011 [Download]
93. The Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics Andrew Hamilton (ed.) pdf University of California Press 4710486 English 2013 Species and Systematics 5 [Download]
94. Attractors of Evolution Equations A.V. Babin and M.I. Vishik (Eds.) djvu North-Holland 4975106 English 1992 Studies in Mathematics and Its Applications 25 [Download]
95. Vultures : their evolution, ecology, and conservation Campbell, Michael O'Neal pdf CRC Press 12381093 English 2015 [Download]
96. All Power to the Councils!: A Documentary History of the German Revolution of 1918–1919 Gabriel Kuhn epub PM Press 1266071 English 2012 [Download]
97. Darwin's Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noosphere Richard Doyle epub University of Washington Press 2765279 English 2011 In Vivo [Download]
98. America's Elite: US Special Forces from the American Revolution to the Present Day Chris McNab pdf Osprey Publishing 21248661 English 2013 General Military [Download]
99. Undeniable - Evolution and the Science of Creation Bill Nye, Corey S. Powell epub St. Martin's Press 1078627 English 2014 [Download]
100. The Future of the Body: Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature Michael Murphy pdf Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc 3815921 English 1992 [Download]
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